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Δευτέρα 9 Δεκεμβρίου 2013

The "KORYVANTES" in the land of the Thessalian Horses

Our Association’s authenticity officer, Mr.Stefanos Skarmintzos went to Volos in Thessaly after the kind invitation of the President of the local Reservist Officers Association. Mr. Emmanuel Pavlis. 

Mr. Skarmintzos gave an interview in the Local Church Radio-station, informing the local audience about the activities of the “KORYVANTES” Living History Association in Greece and abroad and our publications in various international scientific journals.

During his trip to Volos Mr. Skarmintzos had also the opportunity to meet the President of  “LAPITHES” Living History Association Mr. T. Sdroulias and assisted them in reconstructing the ancient Thessalian horseman’s armor and equipment. The Living History Association “LAPITHES” is a group dedicated to preserve the Hellenic Equestrian Tradition through the study of the Thessalian horsemen during the centuries.

It was a pleasant and productive journey to the Land of Achilles and Voukephalas. Thessalian friends we thank you for your hospitality and we promise full co-operation in promoting Greek Civilization.

Advices on the Experimental Reconstruction of a leather cuirass of the Ancient Thessalian Cavalry.
Ο Πρόεδρος του Σλυλλόγου Λαπίθες Κος Θ. Σδρούλιας σε παρουσίαση στα Φάρσαλα
The President of the "Lapithes"Association, Mr Athanasios Sdroulias giving a speech in a Conference.
Representation of a Thessalian Horseman from the Association "Lapithes"

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