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Τετάρτη 11 Δεκεμβρίου 2013

New article featuring Association "KORYVANTES" on "ANCIENT WARFARE MAGAZINE", December 2013, (VOL VIΙ issue 5)

Association of Historical Studies "Koryvantes" , is once 
more pleased to announce a new article presenting our reconstructions, in the well-known "ANCIENT WARFARE MAGAZINE" , December 2013,(VOL VIΙ issue 5). 

The relatively unknown improvised cavalry of Xenophon’s ten thousand is presented though the article of our Association’s Authenticity Officer Mr. Stefanos Skarmintzos dealing with the reconstruction of a Greek cavalry trooper.

The article is adorned with high quality pictures of restored warriors of the period. Great efforts were made to use authentic tools and materials wherever possible for this reconstruction as for example the leather cuirass (spolas). The complete equipment was repeatedly tested for functionality and usability before photographed in the studio of Mr. A. Smaragdis.

The "ANCIENT WARFARE MAGAZINE", is one of the top international Military History magazines dedicated to the Ancient Warfare. In this issue the subject «TRAPPED BEHIND ENEMY LINES The March of the Ten Thousand» examines the famous march of Xenophon and his comrades with articles of distinguished authors like M. J. Taylor, Sean Manning and others.

The publication of our Association’s new 2-page study is of special importance as the publishers of the magazine, for a second time the honor us with their trust on the accuracy of our reconstructions and show our work through their media. 

We want to thank the editor Mr. Josho Brouwers and the company: www.karwansaraypublishers.com for allowing us to demonstrate our reconstructions to the international audience.

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