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Παρασκευή 27 Δεκεμβρίου 2013


Cronus the father of Zeus had received an omen from Gaea that his offspring would overthrow him so it was important not to realize that Zeus (hidden by his mother in a cave) was alive or the divine baby was in grave danger. In the interior of the cave the Koryvantes made their first invention. They constructed a hanging cradle for the baby.

Cronus was the master of land, sea and sky. Zeus cradle although inside earth was not touching the ground and also did not touch the sea and the sky. In this manner the holy child was well protected from Cronus who ate his own children, to prevent them from toppling him from power. Even more important things followed the first invention of the Koryvantes. 

They were the first people who taught the human race hunting for food, husbandries agriculture metallurgy and dancing. They also created the first bow. It is said that they constructed the first drum, by stretching an animal skin, and offered it as a present other the mother of Zeus.

Orphic Hymn to KORYVANTES:

"Κικλήσκω χθονὸς ἀενάου βασιλῆα μέγιστον,
Κύρβαντ' ὀλβιόμοιρον, Ἀρήιον, ἀπροσόρατον,
νυκτερινὸν Κουρῆτα, φόβων ἀποπαύστορα δεινῶν,
φαντασιῶν ἐπαρωγόν, ἐρημοπλάνον Κορύβαντα,
αἰολόμορφον ἄνακτα, θεὸν διφυῆ, πολύμορφον,
φοίνιον, αἱμαχθέντα κασιγνήτων ὑπὸ δισσῶν,
∆ηοῦς ὃς γνώμαισιν ἐνήλλαξας δέμας ἁγνόν, 
θηρότυπον θέμενος μορφὴν δνοφεροῖο δράκοντος∙
κλῦθι, μάκαρ, φωνῶν, χαλεπὴν δ' ἀποπέμπεο μῆνιν,
παύων φαντασίας, ѱυχῆς ἐκπλήκτου ἀνάγκας"

Coin from the area of Pisidia in Anatolia, depicting KORYVANTES protecting the young Zeus
Bronze statuette of a KORYVANTES from the museum of Napoli in Italy.
Golden Statuette of a KORYVANTES from modern Georgia
3rd Century A.D coin from Cilicia (Eastern Anatolia) , depicting three KORYVANTES protecting the young Dionysus
3rd Century A.D coin from Adrianople (Thrace ) , depicting a Koryvantes protecting Godess Kybele , who is sitting in the back of a lion.
Zeus among the KORYVANTES. Painting (1729) by Giuseppe Maria Crespi, from a private collection in London 
KORYVANTES protecting the young Zeus. Painting (1727) by Giuseppe Maria Crespi, from a private collection in London

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