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Κυριακή 18 Οκτωβρίου 2015

Participation in the "6th T.F.G.", Patras /Greece , October 4 2015

The Traditional Archery team of the Association of  Historical Studies KORYVANTES, is pleased to announce it's successfull participation in the 6th "Total Field Game 2015", which took place on Sunday, October 4, 2015 in the village of Platanovrissi in Achaia Province/Greece. The event was organized by the "Academy of Olympic Archery PELOPOS Patras", with the support of the Greek Olympic Archery Federation (EOT) and the participation of tottaly 75 athletes from Greece, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Turkey, England, Romania and Cyprus.

The competition included 11 targets in a physical route of  three kilometers on the slopes of Panachaikon Mountain. The targets were placed in upward/downward slope and in conjuction with natural obstacles. The athletes participated in mixed groups of 4 from the categories: Recurve, Compound, Barebow, Longbow, Traditional. The start as the finish of the route took place in the main square of the village Platanovrissi.

The Association of Historical Studies KORYVANTES had the honor to participate in the official process of the directing of the Competition (through the coach and director of our Archery team Mr Taxiarchis Chassalevris), managing the invitation of all of the international mission-teams  throughout the whole days of their presence in Greece .

In the closing ceremony of the games, the Association of Historical Studies Koryvantes received an honorary award from the organizer and head of the "Academy of Olympic Archery Pelopos Patras" for it's  successful contribution to the international character of the TFG events and for it's chronic contribution to the Greek Traditional Archery. Our Association honored it's member and multi-champion in compound category Mrs Maria Dikomiti from Cyprus for its contribution to archery and it's member Mr. Lokman Aydogan from Xanthi for his contribution to the event.

We had the exceptional honour to see our archer Mrs Erasmia Smyroglou to won the silver medal in the category "traditional bow women". Respectively Mr Yasar Metin Aksoy came first, Mr Attila Rasz second and Mr Posta Csongor third in the category "traditional bow men". In the women category Mrs Saliha M. Aksoy was first and Mrs Andrea Sckaliszky finished third.

For the Association KORYVANTES the participation of 12 archers (enrolled in Olympic Archery Clubs around Greece) and the total involving of 45 Traditional archers in this great fest of Archery and of Civilizations under the auspices of the Greek Olympic Archery Federation (EOT) was the best culmination a long effort to highlight and promote the Traditional Archery in Greece & Cyprus. The Association of Historical Studies Koryvantes as the institutional representative of historical research and practice of Greek Traditional Archery will continue to work cooperatively and responsibly for the greater spread of Greek archery in every corner of the country.

Our Association would like to thank:

  • The of "Academy of Olympic Archery Pelopos Patras" Mr Koulis Paul for the excellent organization of the competition
  • The Vice President of the World Traditional Archery Federation Mr. Posta Pal for the kind participation in the event and the full support of our Association's international projects over the years.
  • The Traditional Archery Federations of Hungary, Turkey, Poland, the Organization SPTA from England, the group "Traditional Archery Team - Germany", the group "Puszatai Farkasok" from Romania for the excellent cooperation (total 23 foreign Traditional Archery archers)
  • The vice-president of the Greek Olympic Archery Federation (EOT) Mr. Nikos Raptis and the friends/archers from all over Greece for the continuous support of our work in the representation of Greek Traditional Archery.
  • All the members of our Association who worked methodically all the previous months for the success of the event and the representation of the Association.

Our Association representing the Greek Traditional Archery participated with great success in the relevant events in August 2015/ Dafnoula-Ioannina city (5th TFG), in May 2015 in Kissos -Pelion Mountain (4th TFG) and in Metzena-Patras in October 2014 (3rd T .FG).

Photo - credits: Dimitris Varalis, Erasmia Smyroglou, Adam Radziun, Giannis Karystinakis

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