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Κυριακή 10 Μαΐου 2015

Participation in the "TOTAL FIELD GAME 2015" , Kissos / Greece , May 2 2015

The Traditional Archery team of the Association Historical Studies KORYVANTES, has the exceptional honour to anounce it's succesfull participation in the 4th Open field Tournament "Total Field Game 2015", which was held on Saturday May 2, 2015 in the village of Kissos of Pelion Mountain / Greece. It was organized by the Academy of Olympic Archery "Pelopos" Patras, with the support of the Greek Olympic Archery Federation and the participation of 60 athletes from Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.

The competition included 12 targets in a three-and-a-half kilometers path through the verdant forests of Pelion Mountain. The targets were placed in the uphill /downhill slope and in many cases in conjunction with physical obstacles. Athletes participated in mixed groups of 4 athletes from various categories: Recurve, Compound, Barebow, Longbow, Traditional. The beginning and the end of the tournament was held in hospitable square of the village Kissos.

The simultaneous presence of all categories of archery in the same target, is an innovative idea of Mr Paul Koulis. The "Total Field Game" project has received warm and inspiring acceptance from archers from all over Greece with strong perspectives of extension of the idea into other countries as well.

Our Association has contributed to the international character of the event with the invitation and hosting -for the first time in Greece- of a traditional archery Institution from abroad: the Institute of Traditional Archery "TALIMHANE" from Turkey. The Institute TALIMHANE and it's director Mr. Adnan Mehel lead the efforts of the promotion and enhancement of Traditional Archery in the neighboring country. TALIMHANE is the largest archery Institution of Turkey with hundreds of athletes and participations in various academic conferences and major International TV Productions. Our Association is in close and fruitful cooperation with the brotherly organization of TALIMHANE already since 2012 , both in research and in athletic level. Moreover our chance of  hosting ourTurkish friends gave us the opportunity to plan our future ambitious joint actions in international level.

Our Association had the pleasure to admire the winning of three medals: Taxiarchis Chassalevris came second in the category "traditional bow men" while the Erasmia Smyroglou came first and Chrysanthi Bisbiki third in the category "traditional bow women ". Respectively, Mr Ramazan Simsek and Mrs Basel Latife Reyhan - archers of the TALIMHANE organization - came  first and second in the relevant categories .

For the Association KORYVANTES the participation our 10 archers (enrolled in  Olympic Archery Sport Clubs throughout Greece) and the participation of a total of 37 Traditional archers in this great fest of Archery and of Civilizations under the auspices of the Greek Olympic Archery Federation was the best culmination of a long effort to promote the Traditional Archery in Greece & Cyprus. The Association of Historical Studies Koryvantes as institutional representative of the historical research of Greek Traditional Archery will continue to work cooperatively and responsibly for the greater spread of Greek Archery Tradition.

Our Association would like to thank:
  •  The Academy of Olympic Archery "Pelopos" Patras and it's director Mr Paul Koulis for the excellent organization of the competition
  • The host of the event Mr Miltos Rigopoulos for the excellent organization of hosting of the mission-teams  and for the excellent management of the  tournament
  • The brothers archers from the TALIMHANE Insitute for the beautifull momments
  • The volunteers who contributed in the competition.
  • The Vice-President of the Greek Olympic Archery Federation Mr. Nikos Raptis and all the friends archers from all over Greece for their strong support on our work in representing the Greek Traditional Archery.
Looking forward to meet you all in the next Total Field Game :)

(Our Association representing the Greek Traditional Archery participated with great success in the relevant tournament of the year 2014 -T.FG 2014)

Photos: Dimitris Varalis, Erasmia Smyroglou Stavros Mytas, Miltos Rigopoulos, Spyros Bakas

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