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Σάββατο 9 Μαΐου 2015

Participation in the "St Georges Shoot 2015", Taunton - England , April 25-26 2015

The traditional archery team of the Association of Historical Studies KORYVANTES has the exceptional honor to announce it's successful participation in the 22th Traditional Archery contest - "St Georges Shoot 2015" which took place the weekend of 25 -26 April 2015 in Taunton, England.

The  "St Georges Shoot" contest is one of the most historical annual Traditional Archery meetings in UK. It is organized under the auspices of the Society for the Promotion of the Traditional Archery (SPTA) which is the leading institution for the research and promotion of Traditional Archery of Old Albion for the last decades.

The event gathered some of the most distinguished traditional archers & researchers from France, Holland, Spain, China, Germany, with a total of 80 entries under selective invitations. Our Association participated with four (4) archers:  MrTaxiarchis Chassalevris, Mrs Erasmia Smyroglou, Mr Steven Campbell and Mr Spyros Bakas.

The competition consisted of shots in a series of targets: Distance shooting, 3D shooting, Tibetan-style shooting, clout shooting, "L'army" shooting, popinjay mast, speed shooting, the Mongolian Surs, "horseless back" archery shooting, "flu flu in the bin" shooting. We had the pleasure to admire our archer Mrs Erasmia Smyroglou winning the first place in the "clout shooting" (120 meters/women) while awarded the famous "popinjays" of the SPTA. The closing ceremony was adorned by two exceptional lectures/speeches:  Nils Visser (Netherlands Medieval archery) and Peter Dekker (archery in Manchu dynasty). Finally we had the honor to meet and talk with the honorary president of the SPTA, Mr. Hector Cole, who has been awarded for his work as an arrowsmith under the British Empire Medal (BEM).

After the kind invitation of Mrs Hillary Greenland the members of our mission-team had the honor to registered as official members of the Society for the Promotion of the Traditional Archery (SPTA), justifying our close bonds of friendship. Our Association would like to thank our dear friends Mrs. Hillary Greenland and Richard Hornsby for their noble hospitality and the wonderful archery moments, renewing our appointment for the "St Georges Shoot 2016".

Photos: Erasmia Smyroglou, Spyros Bakas, Darren Ball, Scott Williams.

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