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Σάββατο 10 Μαΐου 2014

Lectures in the 2nd International Aegean Archaeology Conference of the Archaeological Institute of Warsaw University, April 25th, 2014

The Historical Studies Association KORYVANTES had the special honor to participate, through the lectures of two of its distinguished members, Spyros Bakas and Stefanos Skarmintzos at the 2nd International Conference in Aegean Archaeology organized by the Institute of Archaeology of the University of Warsaw. The conference was aimed at candidate lecturers, postgraduate students, researchers and graduate students and took place on Friday 25th of April 2014 in the Institute of Archaeology of the Warsaw University.

Mr. Spyros Bakas with his lecture "The Evidence of the use of Composite Bows in the Mycenaean World," developed the indications for the existence and usage of Composite Bows in the Mycenaean World, presenting a series of archaeological finds, which reinforce this view, connecting in parallel the usage of this weapon with the military organization of the Mycenaean army and the changes in the armor of the Late Bronze Age Mycenaean warriors. 

Mr.Stefanos Skarmintzos through his lecture titled "Ancient Warrior Reenactment in the Context of Experimental Archaeology, testing theories and attempting to provide answers on the mysteries of Ancient Warfare while popularizing Archeological Science and History", approached the application of Experimental archaeology in decoding the ways of War in the Ancient World, through a series of experiments that our Associations has performed the previous years like the research applications on hoplite phalanx and equipment reconstructions. 

The presentation was accompanied by the official presentations of Our Association’s reconstructions of a Mycenaean helmet and armor based on a Hittitic pottery fragment found in Turkey (Bogazkoy) and depicts an Achaean warrior of 14th century BC.The reconstructions have been made by the distinguised artist Natalia Orfanidi.

The conference was adorned with the lectures of Dr Agata Ulanowska (Phd, University of Warsaw), Angela Marzia (ΜΑ, University of Sheffield), Jakub Niebieszczański (MA, University in Poznań), Agnieszka Kaliszewska (MA, Polish Academy of Sciences), Katarzyna Żebrowska, (MA, University of Warsaw), presenting their very interesting studies about the Late Bronze Age and Geometric Era.

In parallel StefanosSkarmintzos after the kind invitation of the Institute gave a lecture on Thursday 24th of April in the official University course «Archeologia egejska", talking to the students about fighting in the Aegean basin from the Mycenaean to Classical period. Through the interactive presentation that took place with participation of many students, the usefulness of Experimental Archaeology for the correct interpretation of archaeological and textual sources.

The extensive studies of our Association’s two members will be published in an Internationally known archaeological Journal in the beginning of 2015.

The Historical Studies Association KORYVANTES would like to thank Professor Kazimierz Lewartowski, Dr AgataUlanowska, and the candidate lecturer Katarzyna Żebrowska for their kind invitation and the excellent organization of the Conference.

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