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Τετάρτη 30 Οκτωβρίου 2013

Cooperation with the Greek Group " Team300TT " for the famous race for powerfull motorcycles "Isle of Man" 2014

Association of Historical Studies KORYVANTES would like to express publicly his thanks and his support of the Greek Group "Team300TT" taking part in the most famous and most demanding race for powerful motorcycles internationally, the Isle of Man 2014.

Team300TT collaborated with the CFC Company and the Living History Association KORYVANTES for the symbolic reconstruction of a copy 5th century B.C. Corinthian helmet, to be used for promoting the Team300TT marketing activities and racing targets.

KORYVANTES Association helped for the final certification of the authentic design and the accuracy of the helmet details. The Greek Company CFC created a unique carbon fiber version of the Corinthinan helmet exclusively for Team300TT, combining respect for history with modern technology.

KORYVANTES Association was asked by Team300TT to scientifically document the relationship of the Isle of Man with the Classical Greek world, as the Isle proudly present on its flag the Triskelis, also the emblem of the Athenian Alcmaeonidae Clan.


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