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Τρίτη 13 Αυγούστου 2013

“KORYVANTES” represent Hellenic Traditional Archery in the “Gümüşhacıköy 2013” International Festival , June 22-23 2013 in Amasya/Turkey

After our very successful presentation in Istanbul "Necmeddin Okyay" Festival  the “Koryvantes” archers continued their successful appearances in the Pontic Amasya /Turkey.  The Archery team of the Koryvantes Association of Historical Studies participated in the International Traditional Archery contest that took place in the homeland of the Ancient Geographer Stabo in 22-23 June 2013.

The competition helded in the city of Gümüşhacıköy under the auspice of the Turkish Traditional Archery Federation , in a specially prepared location at the foothills of the Canik Mountain. The local authorities also strived to make the life of the contestants as easy as possible.

Representing for once more the Greek Traditional Archery , our archers made again good impression in an event that gathered the attention of the International Traditional Archery community. By using reconstructed equipment and bows of high historical accuracy standards presented again in International event 33 centuries of  Greek Martial and MilitaryTradition from early antiquity to late medieval period.

The high level of the competition did not prevented our archers to stand their ground between 350 contestants. Kostas Papantoniou & Spyros Bakas managed to gather high ranks in special categories.

Athletes from 25 Turkish Traditional Archery Clubs and 200 athletes from 18 countries attended with their traditional costumes and armour. Countries with long archery traditions like Korea, Mongolia, China and Hungary were present, while new uprising powers like Bulgaria, Malaysia, Poland and Taiwan made their appearance .

Continuing our experimental research on the usability of our reconstructed equipment , our archers managed to draw useful conclusions. Archer Giannis Tsilikis successfully reconstructed the late Byzantine Navy Marins from Laconia and Crete. Archer Evangellos Voggelis revives the legend of the Argonauts as he managed to shoot with a reconstructed armor from the late Bronze Age. Archer Vladimiros Gavakis reconstructed an officer of the Great Komnenoi and validated our conclusions from the Istanbul contest.

Our Association’s participation in the contest was once more for us a chance to see old friends and make new ones. It was also a valuable opportunity for our members to gain international experience and meet the latest developments in the Traditional Archery Community.

Our Association would like to thank Mr. Hussametin Aydin, responsible for organizing the Festival , and our good friends Eren KalinbacakMetin Ates and Yasar Metin for their endless support and encouragement.

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