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Τρίτη 23 Σεπτεμβρίου 2014

The Seleucid " Royal Guard " - Article on ANCIENT WARFARE Magazine, September 2014

The Historical Studies Association "KORYVANTES" is particularly pleased to announce the publication of a new study, on the internationally renowned magazine "ANCIENT WARFARE MAGAZINE" (issue VIII. 4 - September 2014)
Through the article of our Association’s member Mr. Spyros Bakas is presented extensively the Seleucid "Royal Guard". The "Royal Guard" numbered 10.000 troops and can be considered as the continue of the Alexander's "Hypaspists". Lavishly equipted ,the "Royal Guard" was the backbone of the Seleucid army, having the "Silvershields" in it's core.

The article is adorned with a photo of a high historical accuracy reconstruction of an officer of the "Royal Guard" of the md 3rd century BC, while also presenting a experimental composite "tube and yoke" cuirass made of leather, with reinforcement of bronze scales and plates.
The "ANCIENT WARFARE MAGAZINE", is a leading international magazine on military history of the ancient world. This issue titled «Τhe Seleucid Empire at war» is about  the multiple and "exotic" military units of the vast Seleucid Empire.
The publication of a new study of our Association is particularly important to us as the publishers of the magazine (www.karwansaraypublishers.com ) honor us for the fourth time with their confidence regarding the historical accuracy of our reconstructions and present our Association through their pages.

The presented Hellenistic-era dermatothorax (leather armour) is creation and kind courtesy of Dimitrios Katsikis (hellenicarmors.gr). Photo by Andreas Smaragdis

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