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Παρασκευή 7 Ιουνίου 2013

Association "KORYVANTES" in Istanbul 2nd International Traditional Archery Festival, JUNE 15-16 2013

Our Association is pleased to announce the Participation our Traditional Archery Team in the 2nd International Traditional Archery Games that will take place in Istanbul on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June 2013.
The 14-member mission of our Association archers will represent our country in an International Cultural Event, demonstrating in the best possible way the Ancient Hellenic Archery Tradition. Weaponry, Armors and bows re-enacting 3000 years of Hellenic History , with archers from the late Mycenaean Era to the Fall of Byzantium will travel to the neighboring country aiming to be a worthy representative of Memory Civilization and History.
The Traditional Archery Competition, that will take place in a big open park of the beautiful suburb of Uskudar (Scutari) of Istanbul, is hosted by the Traditional Archery Institute "TALIMHANE" – (TALİMHANE OKÇULUK ENSTİTUSU) and the Municipality of Uskudar. Τhe Festival is already one of the most popular Traditional Archery Festivals in Europe, concentrating from its first opening last year the eyes of almost all the neighboring country’s Mass Media as well as athletes from 7 countries

You are all welcome!

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