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Τετάρτη 1 Μαΐου 2013

Traditional archery, Training in Mount Penteli, 28 April 2013

On Sunday April 28, 2013,  members of archery team of the Association of Historical Studies "KORYVANTES" in Athens, met on the slopes of Mount Penteli, on a very vigorous training in the practice field of our good friends of "Penteli Archery Shooting Range".

The four-hour training at Attic spring-blooming countryside, one day after the training of our members on the plateau of the "Hercules Funeral Pyre" in Mountain Oeta (Central Greece), was a very nice capstone to a very "archery-active” Weekend for our Association.

Members and friends of our Association had the opportunity to shoot hundreds of arrows into free medium and long-distance shots ,at a shooting range which had the Attica basin as a background. Our members also executed "shoot and scoot" archery exercises in an alternating rough and sloping field resembling the Historical realities of archery shots in combat conditions.

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