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Τετάρτη 29 Μαΐου 2013

Archaeological Festival " GAULGAUDA 2013" , 5-7 July 2013 , LaGaude – South France

The Living History Association“KORYVANTES” proudly supports and aids with his knowledge and exprerince the Archaeological Festival "GAULGADA 2013"  that will be held between 4 and 7 July in the city of LaGaude (Nice, South of France) and its theme will be Ancient Greece, Ancient Mythology and the Ancient Olympic Games!
During the three days of the Festival, visitors will have the chance to  to participate into interactive contacts on the subject of Ancient Greek Hoplite Art, but also pottery activities, ancient Greek sports, metal working, ancient Greel music and dancing.
We wish Good Luck to the Organizers and a very big “Exellent!” to the GAULGADA organization for promoting the Ancient Hoplite Ideal.
We encourage all of you to visit this beautiful Event!

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