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Κυριακή 1 Μαΐου 2016

KORYVANTES in the 3rd International Flying Shooting Competition in Leczyca Castle /Poland, April 22-24 2016

The Traditional Archery team of the Association KORYVANTES following the kind invitation of the Polish Community of Traditional Archery and the distinguished bow-maker Mr. Lukasz Nawalny, participated with great success in the 3rd International Flight Archery Festival which was held between 22-24 April 2016 on Leczyca castle in central Poland. The tournament "III Ogolnopolski Turniej Strzelania na Odległość Flight" attracted the attention of prominent flight-shooting archers from Poland, Turkey, Britain, Italy, Greece, France, Slovakia, Hungary. The event included seminar of historical thumb archery techniques by the renowned researcher Adam Swoboda, arrow-construction workshops by the distinguished manufacturer Piotr Kiosorek and thumb shooting training workshops by Adam Radziun.

Monus Joszef came first n the category "under 50 lbs"with shot in 343m, Cuneyt Oztan came first in the category "unlimited" with shot in 458m, while the archers of our Association Spyros Bakas and Elena Antoniadou shoted at 206 and 198 meters respectively in the category "under 50 lbs".

Our association would like to thank the organizers for their kind hospitality in this great fest of traditional archery and the renew of the call for the next year's contest.

Our Association has successfully participated in the relevant event of the year 2014.

Photos: Adam Radziun, Dmitriy Alekseenko, Olga Świderska-Nawalny

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