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Σάββατο 12 Δεκεμβρίου 2015

Article publication in the Swedish Magazine "VERITAS ARCANA , Issue 5 20015

The Association of Historical Studies "KORYVANTES" is very pleased to announce the publication of it's article in the renowned  Swedish magazine "VERITAS ARCANA", issue 5 2015 (ArganG3 N5- 2015). The magazine "VERITAS ARCANA" is beeing published in the Swedish language, hosting articles from specialists around the world on issues related to Archeology, Religion and History of Civilizations. The member of our Association Mr Spyros Bakas under his article "The Spartan Warrior of the 5th Century BC - experimental reconstructions of body armors" summarizes the typologies of the body-armors of a Spartan warrior of the 5th century BC through examples of experimental reconstructions that our Association has undertaken the past few years and have been published in Academic papers. The article is adorned with high quality photographs of  the renowned photographer Mr Andreas Smaragdis. Our Association would like to thank the director of the magazine Mr. Massimo Bonasorte for publication of the article and the promotion of our Association's work to the Swedish public.

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