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Σάββατο 7 Νοεμβρίου 2015

"The Hypaspist corps" - Article on ANCIENT WARFARE Magazine, ( Issue IX.5, November 2015)

The Historical Studies Association "KORYVANTES" is particularly pleased to announce the publication of a new study, on the internationally renowned magazine "ANCIENT WARFARE MAGAZINE" ( Issue IX.5, November 2015)

Through the article of our Association’s member Mr Manousos E. Kambouris, "One identity, three units, and many functions - The hypaspist corps" is presented the multifunctional unit of the HypaspistThe elite hypaspist corps was a special unit, inherited by Alexander along with the other components of the Macedonian army. The paramount importance of these troops not only during the great battles of Philip and Alexander, but in almost every clash during the campaign of the latter, ignited the interest and curiosity of many scholars. Though, the absence of contemporary literature, the huge time gap from the facts to our most reliable source, Arrian’s Anabasis (aprox 500 years), the shady descriptions of Arrian and the frequent reorganizations and restructures of the Macedonian army under Alexander have caused extremely diverse opinions. Although the unit was renamed (Argyraspides) and, most probably, re-oriented towards strictly line infantry operations (retaining an elite status but not its former special-warfare status), its functions and internal organization are rather straightforward before this restructure

Our Association already has succesfully published 3 more relevant articles in the previous years.

The "ANCIENT WARFARE MAGAZINE", is a leading international magazine on military history of the ancient world. This issue titled « At the point of the Sarissa - Warriors of the Hellenistic Age» includes various interesting articles regarding the Hellenistic Warfare organisation and units.
The publication of a new study of our Association is particularly important to us as the publishers of the magazine (www.karwansaraypublishers.com ) honor us for the fourth time with their confidence and present our Association through their pages.

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