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Σάββατο 27 Ιουνίου 2015

KORYVANTES in the International Traditional Archery Festival in Turkoglu /Turkey, May 29-31 2015

The Traditional Archery team of the Association of Historical Studies KORYVANTES accepting the kind invitation of the Turkish Traditional Archery Federation, participated in the 1st"Turkoglou" International Traditional and Horseback Archery Festival which was held in Turkoglu (Province Kahramanmaraş) of Southeastern Turkey between May 29-31 2015.

The Turkoglu festival garnered the global attention of Traditional and Horseback Archery community, with the participation of about 300 archers from Turkey, Azerbaijan, China, Poland, Greece, Croatia, Germany, England, Mexico, Mongolia, Singapore, Slovakia, Turkmenistan, Hungary, USA, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Italy, Iran etc., aspiring to become on consistent basis one of the top Traditional archery events worldwide

For the two members of our mission-team, it was another highly valuable experience, which gave us the opportunity to gain even more archery-experiences and good friends in the large family of World Traditional Archery.

We would like to thank Mr Yasar Metin Aksoy, Mr Omer Koc and all friends organizers and archers of the Turkish Federation of Traditional Archery for their noble hospitality and excellent organization of the Festival, renewing our appointment for the relevant 2016 event.

Photos: Eren Kalinbacak, Valeria Bogar, George Katsos

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