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Τρίτη 10 Μαρτίου 2015

Participation in the "XVI International Correspondence Tournament", March 8 2015

The Traditional Archery team of the Association of Historical Studies KORYVANTES had the great honor to participate in the "XVI International Correspondence Tournament" , which took place on Sunday, March 8 2015, on our training fields in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Our Association as the proud representative of the Greek Traditional Archery abroad, participated in this great event of the global family of Traditional Archery with 16 archers

The tournament "XVI International Correspondence Tournament" is a prestigious international Traditional Archery event which is organized by the Polish Federation of Traditional Archery. It was held on the same day and time in 16 countries (36 cities in Poland, 6 cities in Ukraine, 4 cities in Hungary, 2 cities in Greece , 2 cities in Italy, 2 cities in Malaysia, 1 city in Canada, 1 city in Australia, 1 city in Germany,1 city in Serbia,1 city in Holland, 1 city in Russia,1 city in Malta,1 city in Belarus,1 city in Moldova,1 city in Romania), with the participation of 518 archers (366 men, 19 youngsters, 33 juniors and 100 women.

Our Association would like to thank the Polish Traditional Archery Federation and especially Mr. Piotr Gonet and Mrs Anna Szadkowska  for the excellent cooperation and the excellent organization of this great fest of cultures and archery.

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