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Τετάρτη 12 Νοεμβρίου 2014

Lectures in the International Academic Symposium of OPENARCH in " VIMINACIUM " Museum / Serbia, September 30 2014.

The Association for Historical Studies KORYVANTES successfully participated at the International Experimental Archaeology Symposium of "OPENARCH", which took place at the conference center of the Archaeological Open-Air Museum of  "VIMINACIUM" in Serbia, from September 29 until October 3, 2014.

Our Association as the Leading Independent Experimental Archaeology Institution in Greece and one of the top respective across Europe, presented to the International Academic audience two prominent studies on the reconstruction of weapons of the Bronze Age and Geometric era, through the lectures of Archaeologist Mr Christos Boutsidis (Phd cand, MA, Demokritean University of Thrace and member of Association Koryvantes ).

  • -The first lecture, entitled: "Warfare in Mycenaean times: the Iliad as a paradigm and the applications emerging for experimental archaeology" - work of Dr. Manousos Kambouris (Phd), Professor of Biology, University of Patras . Through this research it was presented the experimental approaches of Association "Koryvantes" over the Mycenaean Weapons using as source of Homer's Iliad.
  • -The second lecture entitled "Reconstructing the" Dipylon "Shield. Experimental archaeology, experiential testing and modern educational adaptations" - work of Mr Nikolaos Kleisiaris (MA) .Through this research it was presented the experimental approach of Association  "Koryvantes" in the reconstruction of a "Dipylon" type shield and how this reconstruction was promoted to the public through modern communicational methods and multimedia means.
In the context of the Symposium and after a special invitation, our Association had the opportunity to present to the Conference's participants an experimental revival of a Pangration fight under the technical supervision of Mr Athanasios Barkas, member of the Greek National Tae Kwon Do Team and member of the Association of Historical Studies KORYVANTES.

In addition and in a special section of the symposium , our Association had the honourable opportunity to present -under the technical description of Mr Christos Boutsidis -  two reconstructed armors of the Bronze Age era. The Mycenaean "Dendra" armor and an experimental reconstruction armor of the "Sea Peoples" (Serden), projected by the Congress as high quality samples of  Experimental Archaeology reconstructions.

For the Association of Historical Studies KORYVANTES was the second participation in an  International Academic Conference at the Viminacium Museum , after the lecture of Mr Spyros Bakas in the relevant symposium in 2012,  entitled "Hoplites and Ancient Greek Battlefair. From Experimental Archaeology to Experiential Learning. An Insight view of Popularization Methods "

Our Association would like to thank the  Archaeologists of the Museum, Ms. Jelena Andjelkovic, and Ms. Milica Tapavicki Ilic, for their kind hospitality and honourable invitation.



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