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Τρίτη 12 Φεβρουαρίου 2013

Archeopress/British Archaeology Report publishes a study of the Association of Historical Studies “KORYVANTES”

The Living History Association «KORYVANTES» is pleased to announce the successful publishing of his Thesis by the British Archaeology Report series (Archeopress Publishing ) (ISBN 9781407310473), under the title "Amateurs and archaeology. Experimental method or madness? How do we share it all?".

The study forms the second chapter of a book that concentrates the studies of large number of Academics from Archaeological Schools and Museums throughout Europe.
The book has been published by the Director of the Warsaw Archaeological Institute Dr Roksana Chawoniec, and professor Dr Wieslaw Wieckowski, under the title "Archaeological Heritage : Methods of Education and Popularization" (BAR series 2443, 2012).
The British Archaeology Report (Archeopress) publishing house based in Oxford is the top worldwide name in the Archaeology Sector with thousands of titles many of whom are used as textbooks in many Universities around the Globe.
The seven page study has been written from our Association’s member Mr. Spyros Bakas and successfully analyses the profile and activities of our Association in the application of Experimental Archaeology, the difficulties of Living History in the Greek Environment as well as the modern ways of transmitting the results of Experimental Archaeology through methods that Traditional Archaeology finds difficulty to use.
Is the first time in world that an Association dealing with the study of warfare in Ancient and Medieval Greece manages to publish its research and conclusions in a highly respectable scientific journal of great academic prestige
This fact comes as a reward for the hard work of the Members of the “KORYVANTES“ Living History Association and their participation in promotion of Living History in Greece and abroad. The methodical painstaking teamwork of our Members gives the right to be proud that we proves that not only Ancient Greece produced civilization but True Modern Greece that keeps clear from nagging and disappointment keeps living and creating.
A sample of our study can be seen here:

ask2use.com: Δεν επιτρέπεται η αντιγραφή χωρίς άδεια

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