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Τετάρτη 11 Ιουλίου 2012

Lecture of the Association of Historical Studies “KORYBANTES” at PULTUSK Academy Poland on June 27 2012

The Association of Historical Studies "Koryvantes" proudly announces its successful participation at the  International Archeological Conference with subject "Second Interdisciplinary Conference: Disasters, Catastrophes and the Ends of the World in Sources" held at the premises of the University of Pułtusk, Academy of Humanities in the city of Pultusk, Poland between June 25 and 27 2012.

The members of the Association, Stefanos Skarmitzos, Nikos Kleisiaris and Dimitrios Katsikis presented to the International Academic Community the results of their researches on the evolution of ancient Greek warfare technology. More specifically, an attempt was made to compare two historical periods of the Greek historical timeline, the Mycenaean and early Archaic period, through the reconstruction of their respective martial equipment.

How the unexpected collapse of the Mycenaean palatial societies in the 12th century set the social basis for the emergence of Archaic human and hoplite? How the social, religious and economic conditions have affected the conduct of the war in these two periods? What factors contributed to the diversification of the military equipment having started in the12th century BC and ending in the 6th century BC? These are some of the questions that the "Koryvantes” Association was requested to provide answers to and to document through experimental archaeology, easily captivating the attention of the delegates and the high school students specially invited to watch the presentation.

The encouragement of participation to such events from our Association, not only demonstrates the seriousness of the approach undertaken by its members on the subject of Ancient Greek Military Technology, but at the same time constitutes a first class opportunity to promote Hellenic Culture through the International Scientific Community.
A very big "Bravo" to all those who undertook the responsibility for this mission.

The Comprehensive study of our Association will be published in international academic version with the conclusions of the Conference at the end of 2012.

More about the Pultusk Academy PULTUSK HERE 

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