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Δευτέρα 25 Ιουλίου 2011


With the term "Living History" we try to describe various phases of human history, mainly point in time located in the sphere of the past. It is a totally healthy phenomenon that brings the people in touch with their civilization and their culture and it bears ABSOLUTLY NO relationship to costume parties or carnival festivities for that reason!!

"Phallanx" from F.Y.R.O.M...

"Living History" has probably started from the early 20th century. But because authoritarian governments used it for educational purposes (propaganda) it has provoked the anger of "progressives" who unjustly accuse anyone who loves his traditions as an extremist! In Greece unfortunately there was no different attitude from the rest of Europe. Suddenly in the 21st century was the great "awakening" and the "intellectuals" discovered "tradition". Since we have seen the "Ethnic" fashion we suddenly stumbled upon the "ancient Greek Tradition"!

As if by magic sprang everywhere philosophical, cultural, religious associations and clubs that have all of the above in "mix all" style! The new fashion gave the means of expression to each and every disgruntled "born again", "novice"! While at the beginning all these clubs were doing simple gatherings, some people decided to study Ancient Greek Martial Arts. This was triggered, as many things in modern Greek cultural life, by the activities of "living history" clubs abroad.

Some years ago, a few clubs have managed to present reconstructions of Ancient Greek Hoplites. In the beginning, lack of knowledge and experience yielded dubious results with mistakes sometimes bordering the ridiculous. But even the poor reconstructions spoke to the soul of the Greek People. But hard work, perseverance, study, continuous research and above all respect of the aesthetics of the ancient Greeks had the desired effect.

The Greeks engaged in "Living History" won the respect of respectable clubs and scholars outside Greece and arrived to the point of assisting on issues of historical accuracy the foreign clubs and offering advise to academics and documentary filmmakers. Here in Greece various “organizers” demanded the presence of historical studies clubs on their “events” and spoke ill about re-enactors if they attended or because they went to “those” but did not came to "ours”. Effort was done to create “Genuine Greek Hoplites with faith to the "Ancestral Spiritual Ethics” but the combination of Ignorance and Irresponsibility continued to give results that insulted the memory of our Ancestors and defiled the places of their Sacrifice in War!

"Hoplites"from F.Y.R.O.M.

When the well-meaning Greek re-enactors wanted to offer their knowledge so that the visual effect of independent efforts would not be an offense to the Ancient Greek aesthetics and history, they faced the derision of each "I-know-all guru" and heard the unfounded excuses of irresponsible people to “lack money” and “lost knowledge ”; even the ahistorical arguments of people who did not want to admit that they were wrong! In conclusion ... We are giving our knowledge to the world ABSOLUTELY documented and when we do not know something we heed the advice of specialist technicians or other scientists.

P1010017 - Αντίγραφο

P1010015 - Αντίγραφο

Modern Greek Aesthetic for the ancient greek warfare

People seeking knowledge and find it but aesthetics, they either have it or not! Just take a glance at web pages of "experts" who advise about things that do not know at all and the guide people to make a-historical and potentially dangerous reconstructions not to mention ridiculous! The “tin weapons” and "plastics" bought from toy shops and found in clothing and equipment of people who want to honor their heritage is a DISGRACE!

Hoplite with "foustanella" dress on Plataia Archaeological Site
"Greek Hoplite" excecuting the aesthetic.

No Ancient Greek would accept to be cooked in the sun with synthetic cloth or fight with weapons more dangerous to him than to the enemy. Sometimes you must stop the "carnival circus" and anyone who wants to be involved in "Living History" must not disgrace himself and our forefathers as a certain "Torch bearer" who instead of chiton appeared with an orange t-shirt from SOUVENIR SHOPS (!!!!), foystanella tight to his waist (!!!!) and an ATHENS 2004 Olympics torch!! And he supposedly paid homage to people killed in battle!

AEDOS ARGEIOI! (Shame on you Argives!)

Let's apply this “KNOW THY SELF” and let's put a stop to the rape of Greek history from those who claim that defended it. The History of our forefathers must not be seen as a fetish of every individual wanting an excuse for its miserable existanse. If something (anything foi that reason) can not be done properly let it NEVER be done!!

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