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Παρασκευή, 12 Οκτωβρίου 2012

Association KORYVANTES Lecture in the International Academic Symposium in VIMINACIUM /Serbia , October 7 2012

The International Academic Conference on Archaeology with subject "Archaeological Heritage – its Role in Education, Presentation and Popularization of Science ", was held from 5 to 8 October 2012, in the Archaeological Park of VIMINACIUM near Kostolac's, Serbia.

The Viminacium Archaeological Park is located east of Belgrade, on the banks of the Danube River. Historically the Viminacium  was an important city of the Roman province of Moesia. It was also camping space for the 7th Roman Legion (Legio VII Claudia), and for a time hosted also the 4th Roman Legion (Legio IV Flavia Felix). It was destroyed in 440 by the Huns of Attila. Today in the same place has been built the town of Kostolac.

The Viminacium Archaeological Park, which is under the auspices of the University of Belgrade Archaeological Institute, is a modern prototype for showing off Archaeological historical monuments. With multiple facilities and showrooms within a radius of a few kilometers,  has managed to present to the public multiple monuments, like or mausoleums, Baths, Aqueducts, and most recently found Mammoth skeletons. Accommodated in high canopies and with the use of modern presentation technology, Serbian archaeologists have managed to show off the monuments of Viminacium, in a highly effective and communicative way.

In the same area, and under the strict technical guidance of the Archaeological Institute of Belgrade, has been built a fully reconstructed Roman villa of the 4th century AD, in three levels, size of many thousand square meters and estimated value of over 2.5 million Euros. The Roman villa is used both for research purposes of experimental Archaeology and also for tourism and academic purposes. The Roman Villa spaces include several conference rooms, in one of which the Conference took place.

The International Conference of Archaeology hosted more than 30 delegates from around the world. Distinguished Archaeologists from Japan, Germany, Italy, Turkey, United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Serbia, Croatia, FYROM, Slovenia, Finland and Sweden, were invited to talk about the role of "Archaeological Heritage", in education and popularization of science, through specific examples of innovative exhibition publicity techniques and articulation of findings of Archaeology, with a view to more effective outreach of the general public. 

Archaeological Parks, Museums, Educational Institutions of Archaeology, Archaeological Institutes, and Schools have developed special techniques and ways to apply the simplification and "gentification" of Archaeology, in order to be more easily accepted by the average person. In the end it was demonstrated through Applied Projects for experimental Archaeology, a scientific approach to modern forms of Educational practices in Primary and Secondary Education.

Our Association, as the Leading Association for experimental Archaeology and Historical Representation in Greece, and one of the most recognized internationally, was called to represent our Country, introducing through its experience and with the use of specific examples-way of effective disclosure of the results of experimental Archaeology to the public.

Through the lecture of the Political Scientist and member of our Association, Mr. Spyros Bakas, that was titled "Hoplite Reenactment through experimental archaeology, in the Modern Educational Field. An insight view of Popularization methods ", alternative channels for popularizing and externalization of experimental archaeology were accessed, with particular emphasis on multidimensional imaging, the international contact, and the use of multimedia. The Lecture of our Association was accompanied by the live presentation from our Association members, thus giving a clear communication message on the influence of Historical Representation of Experimental Archaeology to the audience.

The highly successful Lecture of our Association, was followed by the enthusiastic response of the participants, Organizers and delegates, who after congratulating us for our multi-level work, requested a live presentation and demonstration of our hoplites in an open space. In the Outdoor area of the Conference Center, took place a comprehensive lecture and presentation of our equipment, focusing on the techniques of experimental archaeology that was used for its reconstruction, while the hoplites with a brief demonstration of basic movements, and a description of all necessary details, gave the Delegates a tentative insight into how a public presentation of our work is done, and in direct relation to the title of the Conference. The result was more than enthusiastic, and Archaeologists Delegates were interested in a possible cooperation and participation of our Association in Joint Research Projects.

Our Delegation was composed by Vasilis Paspsltzis, Giorgos Kanakaris, Giorgos Katsos, Spyros Bakas, and Tasos Georgitisis

We thank the Archaeologists of the Archaeological Institute of the University of Belgrade , Mr. Miomir Korać, Mrs. Jelena Andjelkovic, Mrs Milica Tapavicki Ilic , for their kind invitation and hospitality.

Here is the Detail Programme of the Symposium:
VIMINACIUM ARCHAEOLOGICAL CONFERENCE , October 5-8 2012. "Archaeological Heritage – its Role in Ed...

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