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Τετάρτη, 10 Ιουλίου 2013

“APPLAUSE FOR THE HELLENIC ARCHERS” - KORYVANTES represented 33 Centuries of Greek Archery Tradition in Turkey

With the motto “Every Arrow Shot” from Aeschylus’s “Evmenidae” and the symbols of Hercules Shooter and Bowmaster Apollo as shown on the team badges that shows a thinking Greek Archer as depicted on a 6th century BC vessel,  the Koryvantes Archers were ambassadors of Culture and National Martial Tradition for once more in neighboring Turkey in the lands of Byzantium and Pontic Amasya.

The Traditional Archery Team of  Association of Historical Studies “KORYVANTES”  participated successfully with 14 archers in the International Traditional Archery Contests that took place in Istanbul between 15-16 June 2013 and in Pontic Amasya on 22-23 June 2013.

Representing the 33 Centuries of Hellenic Archery Tradition and equipped with high standard reconstructed armor ranging from the Mycenaean Era with the Eqeta charioteers, the Archers of Classical and Hellenistic Era, the heavy armored guardsmen of Nicaea, to last defenders of Constantinople Forts ,  representing in the most accurate way the timeless tradition of the Greek Nation in this ancient weapon. It could be said that it was a historical moment the compressed appearance of 33 centuries of martial and cultural tradition in the place where the Hellenic Armies marched from the Bronze Age to Late Medieval Era.

The impressive participation of our members in these two contests that captivated the eyes of many spectators and mass media of the neighboring country received the best comments from the Organizers and the other Participants.

With the participation of countries with great  archery traditions like Korea, Mongolia, China, Hungary and the dynamic presence of aspiring newcomers like Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Malaysia and over 25 Turkish Traditional Archery clubs, these two contests were landmark for Traditional Archery in 2013.

Our members, except the admiration of the historically accurate representations, succeeded also to distinguish themselves as shooters. In the Istanbul International Contest among 170 contestants:
  • Spyros Bakas took the 10th place with 34 points
  • Ioannis Tsilikis took the 14th place with 30 points
  • Kostas Papantoniou took the 19th place with 28 points
  • Aristodemos Nikiteas took the 38th place with 22 points
and all of our archers were in the first group of   best 70 contestants. (The Hungarian Champion Istvan Lakatos  took the Fist place with 44 points )

In the special contest competing against world-class opponents our Archer Evangelos Voggelis with an accurate shot in the 30 meters won the honorary prize of one golden Turkish pound proving in the best way the athletic and martial potential of our archers. During the Amasya International contest among 350 contestants our archers managed to distinguish themselves being one of the most dynamic teams competing though the excellent shooting of Kostas Papantoniou, Spyros bakas and Aristodemos Nikiteas.

The most important thing though is that our Association promoted some special approaches on the Experimental Archaeology on the subject of the archers’ defensive armor. Our members Aristodemos Nikiteas and Lykourgos Balodimos tested the functionality of two armor types that dominated the ancient battlefields for many centuries. The first tested the experimental functionality of leather armor with added metallic protection and the second a composite tube and yoke armor of the Hellenistic Era. Our Archer Evangelos Voggelis shot- for several days- while wearing an experimentally reconstructed armor of the Sea Peoples (inspired from the Medinet Habu monument), examining in practice the functionality of such armor while moving and shooting. Finally the archer Vladimiros Gavakis wore an accurate reconstruction of a 13th century AD Byzantine armor, based on contemporary religious icons, practically testing its flexibility. The conclusions of these experiments will be presented in special articles in the future.

A very big “bravo" to the team members, who despite adversity managed to gain the loudest applause from the other participants and the audience, thus making the organizer of the Istanbul event Mr. Adnan Mehel to shout loudly : “A Loud Applause for the Greek Archers”.

There will be detailed articles for both the Events. 

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