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Παρασκευή, 22 Ιουνίου 2012

«Ces sont des Grecs, des vrais...», At last «Real Greeks…»

The Living History Association "KORYBANTES", with the support of the EYZONOI sports Club  and the researcher/armorer Dimitrios Katsikis  reminded and advertised to an  international European audience the greatness of Greek Heritage.

The 17 members of the Hellenic mission travelled to France in order to demonstrate more than a Millennium of  Greek Cultural and Military History in the event "Journées Gallo-Romaines St-Romain-en-Gal 2012" , which was under the auspices of the French Ministry of Culture.

In the context of the annual Cultural Festival held in the Gallo-Roman Museum of town of Vienne, the KORYBANTES Hoplites and EYZONI wrestlers had the opportunity to present a rich program, captivating the interest of the audience and receiving the strongest applause from the public.
Wearing high authenticity, armor created by the researcher/manufacturer Dimitris Katsikis, that covered a period starting from the Mycenaean period (12th century BC) up to the Hellenistic years (2nd century BC), the Hellenic team presented a high-intensity and plausibility (with functional equipment of the  era) presentation 

They re-enacted a naval battle of the 6th century BC, demonstrated hoplite drill, struggled half naked under blazing sun and heavy rain as the ancient Pankration wrestlers had done and initiated the visitors in the art of ancient Greek pottery painting (via the unique presence of Mr. Vasilios Stamou).

It is important to mention that Living History Association "KORYBANTES", received from the Administration of the Gallo-Roman Museum , a letter of thanks, in which the Archaeologists of the Museum verify the Historical Accuracy and Consistency of the whole presentation.

The event of Gallo-Romaines Journées St-Romain-en-Gal is a leading institution at a pan-European level- it is attended by roughly ten to fifteen thousand visitors each year-and for the first time had as its main theme the ancient Greek culture for the first time in the annals of such an Organization mostly dedicated to the Gallo-Roman culture.

It is equally important to note that for the first time at Journées Gallo-Romaines St-Romain-en-Gal, and in honor of the Greek culture, Ancient Greek sporting Events (Wrestling, Pankration, Hoplitodromia, Disc throwing) were included.  At the events participated the wrestler’s team of the Sports Club EYZWNOI and Athletes from the Olympique Lyonnais team.

The idea for the Ancient Sports demonstration in the context of the Event, which organizers accepted, belongs to Mrs. Efi Kastellorioy, SEGAS Sports Judge.

We particularly want to thank:

The researcher/Dimitris Katsikis, Manufacturer of Greek Weapons and the company HellenicArmors (http://www.hellenicarmors.gr) for their valuable scientific and logistical assistance

The EYZONOI Sports Club, who gives technical and racing, who success successfully oversaw, both Pankration wrestling demonstration and Hoplite Battle demonstration,

The historical Researcher Mr. Stefanos Skarmitzos (stefanosskarmintzos.wordpress.com), scientifically guiding and ensuring the Historical accuracy throughout the preparation period of the Mission.

The "Greek Centaurs” Hellenic Horseback Archery Society for its continuous technical, material and moral support.

Mr. Vasilios Stamou, painter/hagiographer, as representative of Hellenic civilization, with the live show of vase painting.

Mrs. Efi Kastelorioy, Sports Judge of SEGAS, for her valuable contribution to our Association’s training and her proposal, which was accepted by the Museum Authorities, for Ancient Greek Sports demonstration during the event.

The members of the Dodecanese .Visual Artists Club, for their advice and scientific documentation in the usage of colors and symbols.

And finally a very big "Bravo» to the members of our mission, who despite the adverse conditions managed to wrest the strongest applause from all participants and by making the public to whisper

«Ces sont des Grecs, des vrais...», 

At last «Real Greeks…»

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